Sensei Steadman Davies MBE, his Legacy will continue...

Sensei Steadman Davies MBE

Sensei Steadman Davies MBE, a hugely respected Great Man from the community of Llanelli was a deeply spiritual Human Being. He loved life and loved his community, which He served with passion and commitment for over fifty years.

Steadman was a Great Master of the arts of Judo, Aikido and Yoga. Partly, His knowledge came from other Great Masters in India and Korea, where he studied for many years as a younger man while in the army.
Steadman's continuing strives for perfection in mastering the arts was unquestionable. His dedication not only saw Him as one of the finest practitioners of the arts in the world but also allowed Him a depth of spirituality that gave Him almost unparalleled inner peace and stillness.
Masters that reach this state of perfection are very rare. There are many things they can experience and can control within themselves that would not be easily understood by some. Great Masters such as Steadman can learn the ability to perform Mahasamadhi - i.e. "The last meditation, or conscious communion with God, when a perfected Master merges Himself in the cosmic Aum and casts off the physical body. A Master invariably knows beforehand the time God has appointed for Him to leave His bodily residence". Click here to learn more.
Rest assured Steadman was in full control of his destiny and his passing was just another step in his life cycle. His legacy will continue at the Sanshirokwai Dojo; the classes will be as vibrant and wonderful as ever ... Sensei Steadman will never be forgotten and will be eternally loved.
Some are born Great, Some achieve Greatness
Many thanks,
Sanshirokwai Dojo