Judo Etiquette

  • Bow before going on to the mat and off the mat
  • Bow before and after each practice
  • Don't leave the may without asking the instructor
  • Wear your judo-gi (judo uniform) correctly and wear the correct grade
  • Keep your judo-gi in good clean condition, free from rips, tears, etc.
  • Always wash your feet before practice
  • Your body and clothing must be clean
  • Never go on the mat with any contagious disease, i.e. verrucas, athlete's foot, etc. unprotected
  • Don't step on to the mat with footwear
  • Don't step off the mat without zori (flip-flops) or footwear
  • Be careful near the edge of the mat
  • Always sit or kneel properly
  • Practice your ukemi (breakfalls)
  • Don't "horseplay" or "bully"
  • Be careful near other partners
  • Keep your finger and toe nails short
  • Don't wear hard or sharp objects on the mat
  • Don't eat sweets or chew gum on the mat
  • Support your partner when you throw
No one wants to be injured. Be Aware of Safety Factors